[Coladam] Re : A look at NIAD Newsletter

Daniel Bienvenu newcoleco at yahoo.fr
Sun Feb 21 02:01:22 CET 2010

Nice to meet you Jim Notini, I guess I should also apologize.

Well, I guess I should reveal now that I did a mistake by purpose concerning the ADAMCon number. I did wanted to know if people will actually read these long messages I'm writing or not and notice the big mistake I've put there to get a reaction. Sorry if it bothers some people, it wasn't my intention.

I did discover the printed NIAD newsletters because of a huge box of ADAM items I've got from someone named Thomas Mackie (Canada) who did subscribed to the NIAD newsletters. I don't have all the issues of course, but I do have some of them and the first thing I did notice is the bible quotes on every issues so it was hard to not talk about it.

I hope you're not offended by my messages here related to NIAD, I did also quotes yourself in my last one so I knew that you worked for NIAD but I didn't expected to get a reaction from you here.

Yes, Joe Benkle does have great Coleco treasures. He did helped me to find a few games I was looking for in disk format, but there still one I'm pretty sure exists but can't find anywhere. Anyway, thanks for your reply and I apologize for the misconception I did have regarding NIAD and particulary NIAD newsletters.



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