[Coladam] and if we publish now cartridges of these unreleased games?

Daniel Bienvenu newcoleco at yahoo.fr
Sun Feb 21 05:05:17 CET 2010

So, APPLE CIDER SPIDER and DINO EGGS are 2 unreleased games but apparently exist. To be honnest with you I've never tried these games, but I'm curious. I'll check the ADAM dsk files I've here, maybe I've them.

I wonder if they really run on a ColecoVision game system or if they need the memory and support of a Coleco ADAM computer.

Games like Apple Cider Spider and Dino Eggs may be a good addition to a Coleco fan based collection, I don't know. But what I do know is that we can publish ColecoVision cartridges more easily now than before. Maybe David (or Dave) who did release Fireman can do the release of some games only knew to exist by ADAMites.



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