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The following is an article by Richard A Salvati about Coleco Adam disk and ddp software that was or wasnt released. It's the same Richard Salvati who did helped Jim Notini with the list of Coleco cartridges I did previously mentionned. 

I can't really give my two cents here because I'm not familiar with the softwares for the Adam computer made by Coleco. I do own at least one Coleco ADAM and a few software for it, but I didn't really experimented. However, we do know that a cartridge of Cabbage Patch Kids Workout was done, probably for demonstration purpose at a gaming and technology exposition like CES. My guess is that this game was supposed to be released with a step exercise device for kids because the looping sequence of animations is something like getting up, walking, walking on steps, and sitting back again and again and again.

I hope you'll appreciate the time I did waste typing this information while it was probably already in electronic format somewhere anyway.

NIAD Newsletter, issue #65, June 1990 page 10-11

Page 10

COLECO CHECKLIST by Richard A Salvati

Have you ever wondered what Coleco did or didn't get released for the ADAM as far as disk or ddp software? Well the following list should answer that question and maybe surprise you as well.

To the best of my knowledge, the list is correct and from good sources, ie trade magazines, game magazines, and also Coleco's own mail order form. It took a long time to put together so everyone would know what was PD (Public Domain) and IS NOT !!!!

The list works like this.....

NAME or TITLE : name given to final product
RELEASED BY : company that marketed product
DESIGNED BY : company or individual who wrote the program
NR : never released
PD : released by ? for public use

Also shown is the year the title was released and the companies catalog number. If the letters PD are shown then the program was not released by the company. An extra to the list is the small box [] to the left of the title... use to check off what you own.
(I've replaced here the checkboxes by the format like DDP, DISK and BOOK.)


AdamCalc (DDP#7831, DISK#9662), Coleco, 1984.
Adam's companion (DDP, BOOK), Coleco, 1984.
Adam diagnostic (DDP, DISK), Coleco, PD.
Adam Disk Manager [D.O.S.] (DISK#7817), Coleco, 1984.
Adam Home Software Library w/ book by Dilithium Press (DDP#7826, DISK#9661), Coleco, 1984.
Adam Homework Helpers (DDP#7610), Coleco, NR.
AdamLink I (DDP#7818), Coleco, 1984.
AdamLink II (DDP#7818, DISK), Coleco, 1984.
Adam Tape Utility Rev 2.2 (DDP), Coleco, PD.
Address Book Filer w/ Auto Dialer (DDP#7815, DISK#9658), Coleco, 1984.
Color Forms: Electronic Crayons (DDP#7650), Coleco, NR.
CP/M 2.2 & Assembler (DDP#7832, DISK#9663), Coleco, 1984.
CP/M Programers Tool Kit (DISK), Coleco, NR.
Dr Suess' Adventures in Reading (DDP#7651), Coleco, NR.
Dr Suess' Fun with Numbers (DDP#7653), Coleco, NR.
Dr Suess' Story Factory (DDP#7842, DISK#9628), Coleco, NR.
Expertype (DDP#7602, DISK#9610), Coleco, 1984.
Math Quest (DDP#7845, DISK#9666), Coleco, NR.
Personal CP/M (DDP), Coleco, PD.
Recipe Filer (DDP#7814, DISK#9657), Coleco, 1984.
Richard Scarry's Right Thing / Right Place (DDP), Coleco, NR.
SimpleCalc (DDP), Coleco, PD.
SmartBasic Version 1.0 (DDP#S41926), Coleco, 1983.
SmartBasic Version 2.0 (DDP), Coleco, PD.
SmartFiler (DDP#7813, DISK#9656), Coleco, 1984.
SmartFiler: Address & Telephone Directory (DDP#7803), Coleco, NR.
SmartFiler: Dictionary (DDP#7801), Coleco, NR.
SmartFiler: Financial & Home Budgeting Organizer (DDP#7800), Coleco, NR.
SmartFiler: Personal Date Book (DDP#7802), Coleco, NR.
SmartFiler: Spreadsheet (DDP#7804), Coleco, NR.
SmartLetters and Forms (DDP#7805, DISK#9613), Coleco, 1984.
SmartLogo (DDP#7600), Coleco, 1984.
SmartWriting Checker (DDP#7825), Coleco, NR.
Smurf's Adventure in Reading (DDP#7655), Coleco, NR.
Smurf's Fun with Numbers (DDP#7654), Coleco, NR.


2010: The Text Advanture (DDP#7849, DISK#9659[NR]), Coleco, MGM/UA, 1984.
B.C., The Best of: Quest for Tires & Grog's Revenge (DDP), Coleco, Sydney, 1985.
Berenstain Bears Spooky Old Tree (DDP#7843, DISK#9631), Coleco, NR.
Broderbund, The Best of: A.E. & Choplifter (DDP#7850, DISK[NR?]), Coleco, Broderbund, 1984.
Buck Rogers Planet of Zoom (DDP#2645), Coleco, Sega, 1984.
Burgertime (DDP#7841, DISK#9727), Coleco, Data East, NR.
Cabbage Patch Kids Adventures in the Park (DDP, DISK), Coleco, Appl.Arts, PD.
Cabbage Patch Kids Workout (DDP#7844, DISK#9664), Coleco Appl.Arts, NR.
Cranston Maner (DDP#7703), Coleco, Sierra, NR.
Dambusters, The (DDP, DISK[NR?]), Coleco, Sydney, 1984.
Donkey Kong (DDP#2628, DISK[NR?]), Coleco, Nintendo, 1983.
Donkey Kong Jr.(DDP#2629), Coleco, Nintendo, 1983.
Dragon's Lair (DDP#2683, DISK#9638), Coleco, Magicom, 1983-1984.
Electronic Arts, The Best of: Pinball Con. Set & Hard Hat Mack (DDP#7852, DISK[NR?]), Coleco, PD.
Electronic Flashcard Maker (DDP#7662), Coleco, 1984.
Flash Facts: Flashbacks (DDP#2901), Coleco, 1984.
Flash Facts: Trivia (DDP#2902), Coleco, 1984.
Flash Facts: Vocubulater (DDP#2900), Coleco, 1984.
Family Feud (DDP#7710, DISK[NR?]), Coleco, Family Co, 1985.
Frontline (DDP#2651), Coleco, Taito, NR.
Jeopardy (DDP#7716), Coleco, PD.
Richard Scarry's Best Electronic Workbook Ever (DDP#7658, DISK#9603[NR?]), Coleco, 1984.
Sierra, The Best of: Jawbreaker II & Troll's Tale (DDP#7704), Coleco, Sierra, NR.
Smurf Rescue in Gargamel's Castle (DDP#2657), Coleco, Peyo, NR.
SubRoc, The Official (DDP#2630, DISK[NR?]), Coleco, Sega, PD.
Sword and the Sorcerer (DDP#7701), Coleco, BLC, NR.
Troll's Tale (DDP, DISK[NR?]), Sierra, PD.
Tunnels and Trolls (DDP#7700), Coleco, Flying Buffalo, NR.
Ulysses and the Golden Fleece (DDP#7702), Coleco, Sierra, NR.
Wacky Word Games (DDP#7834), Coleco, Konami, 1984.
Zaxxon, The Official (DDP#2623, DISK#9663), Coleco, Sega, 1984.


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