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Joe Blenkle jblenkle at sacnews.net
Sun Feb 21 09:17:04 CET 2010

Steve...In my honest opinion, you turned out some of the best ADAM games 
done by an individual and have done a fabulous job on Virtual ADAM.

Joe B.

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> Yeah, definitely no piracy with NIAD, they were one of the most 
> trustworthy
> businesses that I have ever dealt with.  I wish I could say that about all
> of the Adam related businesses but unfortunately there were a couple of
> dishonest ones.  I received regular orders or payments from NIAD for years
> but there were a couple of other major Adam retailers that I received
> nothing from, except disappointment when some people registered their
> software with me and I found that they were sold copies with non-existent
> serial numbers (back when I was doing the duplication myself and had 
> serial
> numbers). I not a very religious person either but thank god for NIAD,  it
> was refreshing to see that some businesses truly did care about the Adam.
> There were a lot of people upset with Solomon Swift back then (Digital
> Express, Nibbles & Bits, Phoenix 2000, etc...),  I don't know all the
> stories but I personally never had a problem with him.  I was shocked when
> he contacted me awhile after he disappeared from the Adam scene just to 
> pay
> me what he owed me,  I never expected that.
> Developing software for the Adam was never about the money though, I was
> making games for the fun of it, games that I wanted to play and I was glad
> that some other people found them entertaining as well, at least some of
> them...  I now fully understand now why nobody was able to get the hang of
> Robothief,  it's incredibly difficult!  back then I had so much experience
> from playing it for those several months that I spent writing it that I
> really didn't think it was hard,  it actually seemed easy to me back 
> then...
> but I played it recently and holy cow!!   what was I thinking?  I can't 
> get
> past the first few levels!   lol     hey, I most likely hold the record 
> for
> the most difficult piece of software ever written for the Adam, ha ha!
> Oh well, just thought I'd throw in my 2 cents  :)
> See Ya
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> Subject: [Coladam] A look at NIAD Newsletter
>> Daniel,
>> Let me first start by introducing myself. My name is Jim Notini and I
>> worked for Lyle Marschand at his computer store where NIAD was also
>> operated from 1988-2002. Shortly after starting work for Lyle, I 
>> gradually
>> assumed more and more of the duties of NIAD's operation from tech 
>> support,
>> running the mail order, writing articles for the newsletter, etc., etc.
>> and then finally becoming the editor of the newsletter. Lyle took a back
>> seat rather quickly once I came onboard... this is by no means a knock on
>> Lyle as he had started NIAD all by himself in 1984 and spent countless
>> hours building it up into the success that it became (with the help of
>> many others who will go unnamed here) all the while working a full-time
>> job and raising a family, etc.
>> Before I get into the main subject, let me thank you for your continued
>> support of the ColecoVision. I have really enjoyed your titles and thank
>> you for making them available in ROM format to be used with an 
>> Coleco/ADAM
>> emulator.
>> I saw your post regarding the NIAD Newsletter and wish to clearify a
>> couple of points you made.
>> First, Lyle was a born-again Christian and everything he did and said was
>> based on those principals of Christianity. I personally didn't like the
>> inclusion of this in the newsletter that was about a computer (especially
>> since I'm not a very religious person) , but it was his business.
>> As far as your misconceptions to the ADAM Software that was being sold by
>> NIAD... there was no PIRACY going on unlike what your message might 
>> infer.
>> The software titles that started with the name NIAD Public Domain.....
>> were just that, freeware programs for SmartBASIC, SmartLOGO, CP/M,
>> Graphics, Coleco Unreleased software, etc., etc. Other titles listed in
>> the Product List were either distributed by NIAD through agreement with
>> the author, bought in bulk from other ADAM retailers of the time or 
>> bought
>> in bulk from the actual software designer. So even though NIAD doesn't
>> exist anymore, please exercise a little caution as to how you phrase your
>> posts.
>> As far as the ADAMcon dates, the only thing I can think of is that you
>> have a copy of a NIAD issue that was hand-typed into a computer by 
>> someone
>> and the dates were entered wrong. If your in possession of the actual
>> printed newsletter or one that's been digitally copied, then I guess it's
>> simple a typing error on the part of the person that entered the text for
>> the newsletter. I should know cause I was at ADAMcon 01 in Orlando, FL -
>> 1988!
>> On a different note, I have been working with Joe Blenkle to organize as
>> complete a collection of ColecoVision & ADAM software to be used with
>> emulators or transferred back to ADAM media to be used on the real thing.
>> Check out  Joe's website for a listing with pictures. Also, Steve Pitman
>> (the author of many great ADAM games like ADAM Bomb 2 and of course
>> Virtual ADAM for Windows) is working on scanning a lot of the user's 
>> group
>> newsletters into PDF files. Contact Joe for info on how to get access to
>> all this stuff we've been compiling, he's on the list.
>> Jim Notini
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