[Coladam] Let's talk about the U.K. Adam Subscribers Journal (U.K.A.S. Journal)

Daniel Bienvenu newcoleco at yahoo.fr
Sun Feb 21 10:35:58 CET 2010

The U.K. ADAM Subscribers Journal was composed entirely on and dedicated to the users of ADAMtm. The cover shows a big ADAM logo and a list of contents always starting with "Always read this page ... 2" and "News ... 3", then  NIAD public domain stuff are listed in this journal, generaly at the pages 5 and/or 6, and followed by reviews, hints and tips, and letters.

Page 2 give us various informations about this journal, including the way to subscribe to it, it costs, or how to send stuff to review. It's a bi-monthly production, not almost every month like NIAD newsletters, you subscribe for 6 numbers, and back issues are available.

Page 3-4 is the news, with sometimes erratum concerning mistakes in previous journal issues, but mostly about new stuff, new public domain stuff, and next issue details.

Page 5 is the NIAD public domain stuff simply listed with the description of each file. It looks like this :
- CNDV 44
DZLSTAR.LBR Latest version of the Dazzle Star disassembler.
Z80MR-A.LBR Enhanced macro-assembler in 2 versions. one assambles directly to a .COM file
Z80MR-A.UPD This contains descriptions of Z80MR-A.LBR files.

Page 7+ are the reviews, that may include reviews of back issues of this journal. Usually it's about hardware and software. For example, Issue DEC-JAN 91 did review Brainstorm in page 9 and a short text expressing all the appreciation James Howard had to play the upgradede game of ADAM BOMB in page 11.

Page 17+, are the hints, tips and ideas. While talking about some precise details of differences and possibilities, these pages also contains little sections that reminds us what is a binary number, what can represent 64K of memory. Also, in these pages, there are usually listings in Forth, SmartLogo and SmartBasic. The biggest listing I've find out in the issues I've here is a program in SmartBasic called ADAM WORD SEARCH by John Jainschigg which is a word search puzzle game where you decide the size of a grid and words to find in it.

The last page is the letters filled with questions that this journal tries to answer. For example, Isuue FEB-MAR 91, page 31, Question 7 : What are the NIAD public domain programs? The answer was : These are programs submitted by other ADAM owners who consider their work as non-marketable. Having said that, there are some remarkable efforts in the public domain which have come from software companies who are either no longer in business and have no copyright over their product or have brought out better versions of their software and do not consider the earlier versions as being commercially viable. NIAD, being a large ADAM users group, have amassed quite a collection which they and their librarians have cleverly categorised and libraried for your convenience.

I hope now to get a reaction from U.K. with this message. ;-)



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