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David yyzonian at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 22 05:27:37 CET 2010

>If ADAMCON started in 1990, why in 2010 I'm organizing the ADAMCON 22, not ADAMCON 20?


Actually, if ADAMCon #1 was in 1990, which it wasnt, this year would be ADAMCon21, which it isnt. But I think you knew that!


>I should know cause I was at ADAMcon 01 in Orlando, FL - 1988!

>Jim Notini

I was too and it was definitely in 1989.


>I'm not certain about the definition of public domain here


Back in the day I would estimate most user groups had some library of software and many distributed these (sold them) both amongst their user group members and to the public in general. I belonged to MTAG (Metro Toronto ADAM Group) and at one of the early meetings I attended I was able to buy tapes with copies of CV games on them and this was in 1985! Certainly commercial CV games were not PD in 1985. If I look at my disk library I have a LOT of user group library disks from all over the States and Canada dated in ther mid-80's and tapes and a LOT of them have copies of commercial software on them. My point is that copying was rife in the '80s and it wasnt a single person or group. And it wasnt just ADAM it was commodore, atari, all the systems at the time. We used to have a show in Toronto twice a year called Computerfest. In the 90's it was more commercial and PC and Mac based but back in the 80s it 50% 8-bit user groups and I recall going from booth to booth and many of the clubs and user groups were openly selling their "PD" libraries - which often contained copies of commercial software.


>Games like Apple Cider Spider and Dino Eggs may be a good addition to a Coleco fan based collection, I don't know. 

>But what I do know is that we can publish ColecoVision cartridges more easily now than before. Maybe David (or Dave)

> who did release Fireman can do the release of some games only knew to exist by ADAMites.


I would LOVE to be involved in another project to re-release "lost" titles.  I have access to the resources to easily and inexpensively create cartridges with or without boxes. Or on disk or tape format. Releasing Fireman (an "unknown" prototype released by me last year) was a wonderful project and the feedback I got was that it was affordable at less cost than the average homebrew and professionally done.

If anyone wants to explore this further, you can reach me here very easily.

(And Daniel feel free to call me Dave. Friends know me as that. David is usually used by my family.)


>I don't know what it is but something called Dale Integrated Service Centres is refered by FCAUG as a good place potential

> to find things like Coleco ADAM stuff and electronics.

Dale integrated was an authorized Coleco repair depot in Canada. When I got my first ADAM in 1984 and it was defective, I was sent to the local Dale Integrated to have it replaced. It was a busy place that year! Years went by and I tried contacting them again to see if they had a stash of goodies but got nowhere with that...


By the way, I was the newletter editor for MTAG for a while and would find it very amusing to see some of my newsletters again. I dont have any, my ex-wife made me get rid of everything (ahem). We had up to 100 subscribers at one point.

I used to take articles submitted by various means and send them via 300 baud modem to a Macintosh Plus and use that to edit the newsletter and print them on a Mac Imagewriter dm printer!


Dave Hill



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