[Coladam] More fun adventures in CP/M

Ronald Mitchell bytehacker at tallcedarskennels.com
Tue Feb 23 05:22:02 CET 2010

No idea at all.

Haven't had the problem with Adamem under my usual setup. But then I  
haven't been using Virtual Adam.

I'm using a Mac, and the only way I can run Virtual ADAM there is  
under the Q-Emulator with Windows 2000. (Talk about a real house of  
cards). Unfortunately, it runs slower than Canadian Molasses uphill in  
January. However, I was able to boot the two TDOS disk images I  
recently prepared, and successfully copy files from one disk to the  
other and back using the COPY command. Slow, but it worked.

So I took my VISTA box out of storage,  (1.8 GIG processor and 1 Gig  
or RAM) and downloaded Virtual ADAM there. Couldn't load  any disk  
images at all.  Kept getting an "Error 5" when attempting to boot  
either a TDOS image or an EOS image.

So I shall have to figure out what that is all about. Meantime, I'm  
not really able to answer your question.

Leave it with me. Maybe somebody else on here has a thought or two.


On 21-Feb-10, at 12:16 PM, Joe Blenkle wrote:

> Any clue why when I try to copy files between TDOS disks using  
> Virtual ADAM I get I/O Error?
> I type in:
> and when I press ENTER it just says:
> I/O Error
> thanks
> Joe B.

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