[Coladam] More fun adventures in CP/M

Joe Blenkle jblenkle at sacnews.net
Tue Feb 23 18:56:42 CET 2010

Steve, that may well be. I'm trying to copy files between a 160k TDOS disk 
and a 320K TDOS disk. It took me forever just to get it configured so it 
would format the 320K disk correctly. Perhaps it is misleading when the 
40TDOS45 program tells you to pick the drive sizes. It says "Maximum size of 
drive"...so I picked all 320K drives. Maybe you have to pick the "exact" 
size of the drive.

I also don't understand why it sets your system up for four disk drives when 
I only have two installed. It also supposedly sets the RAMDRIVE as Drive G, 
but I don't seem to be able to access it either.

I'll keep trying!!!

Joe B.

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>I suspect that the TDOS image you are booting isn't configured to see the 
>B: drive properly.  That was always the most difficult thing when dealing 
>with TDOS or CP/M,  anytime you use a different size media or drive you 
>have to reconfigure the OS to recognize the drive properly.
> Ron, Virtual Adam has been tested in Vista and Windows 7 and ran fine but 
> there were a couple of people that had problems like you are having.  They 
> were permissions related, I use XP so I probably won't be much help with 
> troubleshooting but maybe right click on the installer and run it as 
> administrator?
> For one person we just skipped the installer altogether and that fixed the 
> problem, I just e-mailed him the files in zip format and he extracted them 
> to a folder.  I can send them to you in that format if you'd like.
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>> No idea at all.
>> Haven't had the problem with Adamem under my usual setup. But then I
>> haven't been using Virtual Adam.
>> I'm using a Mac, and the only way I can run Virtual ADAM there is
>> under the Q-Emulator with Windows 2000. (Talk about a real house of
>> cards). Unfortunately, it runs slower than Canadian Molasses uphill in
>> January. However, I was able to boot the two TDOS disk images I
>> recently prepared, and successfully copy files from one disk to the
>> other and back using the COPY command. Slow, but it worked.
>> So I took my VISTA box out of storage,  (1.8 GIG processor and 1 Gig
>> or RAM) and downloaded Virtual ADAM there. Couldn't load  any disk
>> images at all.  Kept getting an "Error 5" when attempting to boot
>> either a TDOS image or an EOS image.
>> So I shall have to figure out what that is all about. Meantime, I'm
>> not really able to answer your question.
>> Leave it with me. Maybe somebody else on here has a thought or two.
>> Ron
>> On 21-Feb-10, at 12:16 PM, Joe Blenkle wrote:
>>> Any clue why when I try to copy files between TDOS disks using
>>> Virtual ADAM I get I/O Error?
>>> I type in:
>>> and when I press ENTER it just says:
>>> I/O Error
>>> thanks
>>> Joe B.
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