[Coladam] adam ddp tones to PC

Ronald Mitchell bytehacker at tallcedarskennels.com
Wed Mar 3 04:36:45 CET 2010

Yeah, that was me Steve.

And you're quite right, there's no .NET for Mac so far as I know.

I have REALBASIC 2008 for the Mac, and it's supposed to be able to  
handle VB.NET with minor adjustments, but I've not used it very much,  
so I really don''t know...

However, not to worry, Geoff Oltmans has an awesome port of Adamem  
that runs on the Mac (PPC or Mac Book).

I'm still pretty much schizophrenic when it comes to Operating  
Systems. Have XP running on my Mac Book, under Parallels desktop, and  
Virtual ADAM does just fine there. On my Win box  (Vista home premium)  
on a 1.8 Gig Sempron with a Gig of RAM,  I'm still getting this  
runtime error message number 5. Doesn't seem to matter whether I have  
EOS disk images or TDOS images loaded, or which drive I attempt to  
boot from.  I adjusted the permissions to read/write/execute for  
'everybody', and that didn't make any difference.

I'll send you an exact quote of that error message next time I have  
the Win box plugged in.

Ron  Mitchell

On 2-Mar-10, at 7:01 PM, Steve Pitman wrote:

> I think the Trisyd device was called Megacopy.  I had one but the  
> tapes never fully worked for me, it probably didn't like one of my  
> tape drives.  I used the Sony HF60 also, they were the only tapes I  
> tried that didn't get mangled at the high speed Adam spins them at.
> To make my single sided tapes I just copied the audio from one side  
> of a "Flippy DDP",  it was a tape where you could use both sides and  
> it had 128k on each side.  I believe those were made by Practical  
> Programs.
> Ron, did you ask me about compiling Virtual Adam for Mac?  sorry...   
> I know someone asked but I couldn't find the email again. if it was  
> you, I don't believe it can be done because it's written in  
> VB .Net.  I don't know much about Mac but I don't believe they  
> have .Net on that platform.,
> See Ya,
> Steve
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>> Yes, it has been done, but so far as I know, not with a PC.
>> Back when the earth was flat and there were dragons at either end,
>> circa 1985,  some of us used to make our own digital data packs using
>> 60 minute cassette tapes. Not all tape decks were suited to the
>> purpose. It was usually best to have a tape deck with double
>> cassettes  (one playback, one playback/record) where you had the old
>> analog level meters. You had to make sure that the recording level  
>> was
>> way up in the "red".
>> There were some brands of cassette tapes that were better than  
>> others.
>> Those of us in Ottawa used mostly Sony HF60 cassettes. The process  
>> was
>> hit and miss, and some had better luck with it than others.
>> Then Trisyd Video in Toronto came out with a better way, using a
>> device (Can anyone remember the name of it??) that connected to the
>> 2nd tape drive on the ADAM, you could format a blank cassette as a
>> data pack using one already formatted as a master. The system  
>> provided
>> for making centre directory data packs or those used for games, which
>> as I recall, had the directory at one end or the other.
>> It would be interesting to try the method you're suggesting. I see no
>> reason other than recording level why it wouldn't work. On my Mac  
>> here
>> I have a program called Sound Studio, and I can import cassette tapes
>> into it and turn the tracks into AIFF files, which can than be
>> imported into iTunes. You could then play that onto a blank cassette
>> and see if ADAM could read it.
>> Worth a try. Almost tempts me to dig my real ADAM out of the  
>> workshop.
>> Ron Mitchell
>> On 2-Mar-10, at 5:40 PM, Joe Blenkle wrote:
>>> Has anyone ever recorded the tones on an ADAM DDP to a PC sound
>>> file? Would this possibly be a better way to make new blank data
>>> packs, playing a pre-recorded sound file off your computer directly
>>> into the input of you cassette recorder? Would something like this
>>> even be possible?
>>> Thanks
>>> Joe B.
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