[Coladam] adam ddp tones to PC

Geoff Oltmans geoff at oltmansfamily.org
Wed Mar 3 14:54:44 CET 2010

Hopefully once I finish, a front end won't be necessary for the Mac version. :)

I was attempting to keep as much of my port platform independent, however that has complicated my efforts with making a useful GUI. I may end up rewriting part of the emulator to ditch the console interface for the Mac version.

Before I do that though, I'd like to clean up the parts of the port that don't work very well on Windows or Linux. I think that's mainly the full screen support at this point. I think it also had some issues with working with front ends like Virtual ADAM or ADAMEmMam. I'll have to get a copy of Virtual ADAM to try on it.

On Mar 2, 2010, at 9:36 PM, Ronald Mitchell wrote:

> Yeah, that was me Steve.
> And you're quite right, there's no .NET for Mac so far as I know.
> I have REALBASIC 2008 for the Mac, and it's supposed to be able to  
> handle VB.NET with minor adjustments, but I've not used it very much,  
> so I really don''t know...
> However, not to worry, Geoff Oltmans has an awesome port of Adamem  
> that runs on the Mac (PPC or Mac Book).
> I'm still pretty much schizophrenic when it comes to Operating  
> Systems. Have XP running on my Mac Book, under Parallels desktop, and  
> Virtual ADAM does just fine there. On my Win box  (Vista home premium)  
> on a 1.8 Gig Sempron with a Gig of RAM,  I'm still getting this  
> runtime error message number 5. Doesn't seem to matter whether I have  
> EOS disk images or TDOS images loaded, or which drive I attempt to  
> boot from.  I adjusted the permissions to read/write/execute for  
> 'everybody', and that didn't make any difference.
> I'll send you an exact quote of that error message next time I have  
> the Win box plugged in.
> Ron  Mitchell
> On 2-Mar-10, at 7:01 PM, Steve Pitman wrote:
>> I think the Trisyd device was called Megacopy.  I had one but the  
>> tapes never fully worked for me, it probably didn't like one of my  
>> tape drives.  I used the Sony HF60 also, they were the only tapes I  
>> tried that didn't get mangled at the high speed Adam spins them at.
>> To make my single sided tapes I just copied the audio from one side  
>> of a "Flippy DDP",  it was a tape where you could use both sides and  
>> it had 128k on each side.  I believe those were made by Practical  
>> Programs.
>> Ron, did you ask me about compiling Virtual Adam for Mac?  sorry...   
>> I know someone asked but I couldn't find the email again. if it was  
>> you, I don't believe it can be done because it's written in  
>> VB .Net.  I don't know much about Mac but I don't believe they  
>> have .Net on that platform.,
>> See Ya,
>> Steve
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>>> Yes, it has been done, but so far as I know, not with a PC.
>>> Back when the earth was flat and there were dragons at either end,
>>> circa 1985,  some of us used to make our own digital data packs using
>>> 60 minute cassette tapes. Not all tape decks were suited to the
>>> purpose. It was usually best to have a tape deck with double
>>> cassettes  (one playback, one playback/record) where you had the old
>>> analog level meters. You had to make sure that the recording level  
>>> was
>>> way up in the "red".
>>> There were some brands of cassette tapes that were better than  
>>> others.
>>> Those of us in Ottawa used mostly Sony HF60 cassettes. The process  
>>> was
>>> hit and miss, and some had better luck with it than others.
>>> Then Trisyd Video in Toronto came out with a better way, using a
>>> device (Can anyone remember the name of it??) that connected to the
>>> 2nd tape drive on the ADAM, you could format a blank cassette as a
>>> data pack using one already formatted as a master. The system  
>>> provided
>>> for making centre directory data packs or those used for games, which
>>> as I recall, had the directory at one end or the other.
>>> It would be interesting to try the method you're suggesting. I see no
>>> reason other than recording level why it wouldn't work. On my Mac  
>>> here
>>> I have a program called Sound Studio, and I can import cassette tapes
>>> into it and turn the tracks into AIFF files, which can than be
>>> imported into iTunes. You could then play that onto a blank cassette
>>> and see if ADAM could read it.
>>> Worth a try. Almost tempts me to dig my real ADAM out of the  
>>> workshop.
>>> Ron Mitchell
>>> On 2-Mar-10, at 5:40 PM, Joe Blenkle wrote:
>>>> Has anyone ever recorded the tones on an ADAM DDP to a PC sound
>>>> file? Would this possibly be a better way to make new blank data
>>>> packs, playing a pre-recorded sound file off your computer directly
>>>> into the input of you cassette recorder? Would something like this
>>>> even be possible?
>>>> Thanks
>>>> Joe B.
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