[Coladam] More fun adventures in CP/M

Ronald Mitchell bytehacker at tallcedarskennels.com
Thu Mar 4 07:38:24 CET 2010

Thanks Harvey. That's information that I wasn't aware of.

I remember in Ottawa we had a CP/M user's group, quite apart from the  
Adam Group. Most of the guys there had cut their teeth on mainframes  
in the Ottawa area, and most of their conversation at the time went  
right over my head. I seem to recall hearing something similar to what  
you just said.  I also recall them being engaged in long debates over  
how to save 20 or 30 bytes of code in a project so they could  
implement something else. That was back in the days when programmers  
had to be effricient, because memory was far more limited than it is  

Ron Mitchell

On 3-Mar-10, at 9:32 PM, Harvie Powis wrote:

> Ronald Mitchell wrote:
>> <major snippage>
>   The reason you have to tell CP/M / TDOS what drives are attached  
> is that C/PM was originally written for use on computers with no ROM  
> BIOS . The Bios is a part of the OS and a different BIOS had to be  
> written for each unique machine it was installed on.
>   These days we are spoiled with ROM BIOS on board and tend to  
> forget the "good/bad old days".
>   That's my story and I'm sticking to it. :)
> Harvie Powis
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