[Coladam] New version of Virtual ADAM

Joe Blenkle jblenkle at sacnews.net
Fri Mar 5 22:06:24 CET 2010

A new version of Virtual ADAM has been posted at:


Version 1.02 fixes several bugs that were recently found.

Version 1.02 fixes...
You can now save the changes when editing a DDP image
Colors at the top of the editor window are not messed up if you have set a new background window color
The "Generate Blank Media" was not properly initializing disks for directory sizes greater than 1 block

Version 1.01 fixed...
Fixed a bug where the disk/DDP's speed settings were not saved properly.
Fixed a bug that prevented you from generating new media of various sizes and initializing the disk/DDP.
Fixed the catalog listing window. Disks/DDP's that are missing the "BLOCKS LEFT" entry will now display the catalog properly. Smartbasic 2.0 has a bug that removes that entry when you save a file to a disk/DDP.
Joystick implementation - fixed the bug when in some scenarios the joystick would not correctly emulate port 1 or 2.
Fixed a typo in the media converter tool.
Fixed a bug that prevented you from renaming more than one file.

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