[Coladam] New version of Virtual ADAM

Steve Pitman swp at cinci.rr.com
Mon Mar 8 15:47:00 CET 2010

When writing Virtual Adam I tried a few different versions of Dosbox and had 
some strange problems, mostly with joystick sensitivity, so unless we would 
really benefit from the new version I'm not sure it's worth the trouble. 
Are there any new features that you know of that would make it worthwhile?

I think that you can switch the version of Dosbox in your current Virtual 
Adam installation if anyone wants to check it out, this would probably 

1. Install the latest version of DosBox
2. Go into the Virtual Adam folder and rename the DOSBOX-0.72 folder to 
3. Locate the new version of DosBox (wherever you installed it to) and copy 
the folder into the Virtual Adam folder
4. Rename the new DosBox folder to DOSBOX-0.72 and copy the mapper.txt file 
from DOSBOX-0.72-OLD to the new DOSBOX-0.72 (overwrite if necessary)

I can't guarantee that will work because I haven't tried it.  If it doesn't 
then just remove the new dosbox folder from Virtual Adam and rename the 
DOSBOX-0.72-OLD back to DOSBOX-0.72

I'll play around with it as well but have a couple of other projects I want 
to finish first.


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>I noticed this version didn't use the new improved version of DOSBOX.
> Are there planes to update the installer with the newer version?
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