[Coladam] Demons & Dragons plus Packcopy

Jim Notini jnoti2 at comcast.net
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I had the 2-disk version back in the day so I am not sure if the game was 
provided on a Right Directory DDP or Center Directory. If it was on a Right 
Directory DDP then this wold be the reason you are having problems, cause 
one of the bugs ADAM user's experienced was using a Center Directory DDP 
previous to using a Right Directory DDP or vice versa without resetting the 
system... the system wouldn't be able to find the directory on the second 

Does the original D&D DDP boot and run properly?

I never used Packcopy, but have loaded it for a quick look and was never 
overly impressed. I would try File Manager, Backup+ v3.0, or Quickopy v5.0 
for any and all of your backup needs.

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> Does anyone remember if Packcopy can backup the game Demons & Dragons?
> The D&D pack just spins up once then that's it, and packcopy acts as
> if its copying the pack.
> When its D&D packs turn to spin it doesn't, except just that once.
> I'm using two DDD drives for this, if it matters.
> Maybe thats why I had to use my stereo to copy it the first time,
> cause packcopy wouldn't.
> Any ideas?
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> -Mark
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