[Coladam] Demons & Dragons plus Packcopy

mark mark104 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 18 03:29:46 CET 2010

Well, the D&D is in drive 1 and the destination(blank) is in the 2nd drive.

I only loaded smartbasic then packcopy, I think all ddps used are
center directory. including the D&D.
I did a catalog of D&D and it loaded center spool.

yes the D&D boots and runs.

Packcopy is all I have , I only have DDD's , I would love to have a
better copy tool.
But how do you get it on DDP?

If I recall from 24 years ago, Packcopy copied everything I had. I
vaginally remember D&D not copying, but am unsure.
I think its a basic only game, not sure if there's any other program type on it.


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