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I know the disk version was not copy-protected and for that matter 99% of 
all software was not copy-protected on the ADAM. There were methods used of 
serialization where you had to enter a code everytime you used a certain 
program and the other way of copy-protection that was used (by Strategic 
Software on ProofReader, MMSG on some of their titles and Walter Software on 
their later titles) was by creating a bad block on the disk or DDP and then 
having their program check for the existence of the bad block. If it was not 
found, then the program would error out. Copying these disks were no problem 
thru the use of a copy program on an IBM compatible and with a good Dual 
Tape Deck set at the right recording levels one could make a copy of the 
DDP. Of course the copy would contain the bad block. The only other method 
to circumvent this bad block check routine would be to hack the program and 
strip out the routine to check for bad blocks.

The only other thing to try would be to first file copy all of the files on 
the D&D DDP and then copy block 0 from the source DDP to the destination 
DDP. If the copy won't work, then some kind of protection was used.

The only other thing I can think of is that you have a damaged DDP or a 
block or range of blocks has become corrupted and therefor is causing your 

Last resort would be to just play it thru an emulator!

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>I think your right about the copy protection.
> Cause I'm currently copying SmartFILER and everything so far is working.
> One drive spins then the next and back and forth.
> Where D&D only spun up once and stopped packcopy from spinning it up 
> again.
> I wonder if its packcopy only effected...
> Anyhow I thinks that's why I had a stereo copy of it at one point, but
> that copied went bad on me years ago.
> -Mark
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