[Coladam] HiLow BlackBeard for the Spectrum

mark mark104 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 23 02:25:09 CET 2010

Heh, Bob :)

I think the jest of it is they adapted the coleco digital data pack to
be used with ZX? Spectrum Z80 computer.
I guess this was done back in the 80's, but apparently there's little
to no info on how it was built.

And the Tape Transfer to pc was done by way of a mono taper player
with a volume lever on it and
all the audio levels where tuned with the pc software, then they used
another proram to turn the
recorded tones into a "ROM" to run on the emulator.

Its all based on the Z80 processor which is in the ADAM, I'm just
wondering if some of that software can be used in
processing the ADAM tones. At least the initial software could be used
at most I think.

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