[Coladam] Anyone remember Buck A. Rogers?

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As far as I can recollect, Buck A. Rogers was CON-MAN! I never dealt with 
him and never say his newsletter (if one was every published). I do recall 
back in the day that he had announced many different hardware items and 
nothing was ever released. This is actually going back before ny days at 

The only thing that makes sense with some of his hardware products he talked 
about was the 3.25" Floppy Disk Drive. An old member of NIAD did come across 
one of these Coleco Prototypes which installed inside of the Digital Data 
Drives and used 3.25" disks with a capacity of 256K (same as a data pack). I 
never did see it, but I did see a lot of the other items mentioned in the 
last two issues of NIAD that were published. So it is possible that Buck 
Rogers got his hands on some of these Coleco prototypes and was planning to 
reproduce them as his own creaion or simply showed these off to members of 
his group and took credit for them as well as money.

Someone like Lyle Marschand would be able to shed some more light on this 
subject as I think he had some dealings with him and probably all bad like 
everyone else experienced.

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> OK, I'm going to test your memories...
> Does anyone remember the guy named Buck A. Rogers (wonder if that was 
> really his name) who operated out of Lander, Wyoming?
> I know he had a user group and newsletter and had a lot of hardware 
> projects on the burner, most of which I don't think ever happened.
> But I do remember one. It was either a 3" or 3.25" disk drive. I remember 
> it was an odd-size because I originally thought it was a misprint and 
> thought he meant a 3.5" drive, but I asked him and it was indeed a smaller 
> size.
> Does anyone know if any of these were actually produced...and also do you 
> recall what other hardware projects he had planned?
> Also, does anyone out there have any copies of his newsletter?
> Thanks
> Joe B.
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