[Coladam] Anyone remember Buck A. Rogers?

Joe Blenkle jblenkle at sacnews.net
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Well, I know the newsletter existed because I subscribed to it for 
awhile...and I'm fairly sure he released the disk drive in limited 
quantities, but I may be wrong about that. But there was a little bit of a 
buzz about it back when he announced it.

Joe B.

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> As far as I can recollect, Buck A. Rogers was CON-MAN! I never dealt with
> him and never say his newsletter (if one was every published). I do recall
> back in the day that he had announced many different hardware items and
> nothing was ever released. This is actually going back before ny days at
> The only thing that makes sense with some of his hardware products he 
> talked
> about was the 3.25" Floppy Disk Drive. An old member of NIAD did come 
> across
> one of these Coleco Prototypes which installed inside of the Digital Data
> Drives and used 3.25" disks with a capacity of 256K (same as a data pack). 
> I
> never did see it, but I did see a lot of the other items mentioned in the
> last two issues of NIAD that were published. So it is possible that Buck
> Rogers got his hands on some of these Coleco prototypes and was planning 
> to
> reproduce them as his own creaion or simply showed these off to members of
> his group and took credit for them as well as money.
> Someone like Lyle Marschand would be able to shed some more light on this
> subject as I think he had some dealings with him and probably all bad like
> everyone else experienced.
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>> OK, I'm going to test your memories...
>> Does anyone remember the guy named Buck A. Rogers (wonder if that was
>> really his name) who operated out of Lander, Wyoming?
>> I know he had a user group and newsletter and had a lot of hardware
>> projects on the burner, most of which I don't think ever happened.
>> But I do remember one. It was either a 3" or 3.25" disk drive. I remember
>> it was an odd-size because I originally thought it was a misprint and
>> thought he meant a 3.5" drive, but I asked him and it was indeed a 
>> smaller
>> size.
>> Does anyone know if any of these were actually produced...and also do you
>> recall what other hardware projects he had planned?
>> Also, does anyone out there have any copies of his newsletter?
>> Thanks
>> Joe B.
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