[Coladam] Fwd: ADAM Designer

Eduardo Mello emello at kaizenusainc.com
Thu Apr 1 21:22:31 CEST 2010


I would love to hear about the Super Game Module. Not sure if you guys
are aware about that, I have an expansion module in the works for the
ColecoVision and possibly ADAM and I managed to get a license from
Coleco Holdings to release it as an official Coleco product.
I thought of a dozen different names for the device, but after talking
to the guys at Coleco we decided to go with Super Game Module as a way to pay
homage to the original, never released device. You can see a picture
of the prototype here:
Basically the new Super Game Module adds 32KB of extra RAM (not in the
ADAM version), two extra sound chips and a bi-directional parallel

The final product should come of course inside a nice custom plastic
case, a kind of miniature version of the original SGM (or as an
expansion card in the ADAM version).
So because of that, and as someone who dreamed about the SGM back in
the day, I would love to hear anything about it.


On Thu, Apr 1, 2010 at 2:55 PM,  <geoff at oltmansfamily.org> wrote:
> All this talk of Smartwriter reminded me...
> I managed to find one of the original designers of the ADAM online! I
> discovered his name perusing the Master 6801 assembly source code listing
> and googled the name. Turned up a resume which referenced the ADAM computer
> so I knew it was the right guy. I emailed him... real nice fellow. Managed
> to get some interesting insider information about the Super Game Module
> that I hadn't heard before. I'll post up what I got from him later this
> evening.

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