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Jim Notini jnoti2 at comcast.net
Wed Apr 7 03:32:06 CEST 2010

For anyone that can lend a helping hand with the PDF'ing of the NIAD 
Newsletters, there were quite a number of mistakes by Lyle in numbering the 
issue. Back in the day I sorted all this out by referencing the master 
copies of each issue, but after over 20 years of time passing by I can't 
recall exactly every instance of a wrong issue #.

What would really help are having scans of the first 14 issues as this will 
answer the number issue for the next 3 newsletters. Steve listed some other 
issues which I'm pretty sure are not missing (he has already scanned them 
but they have the wrong issue # and have probably confused him like I was 
many a moon ago).

To the best of my memory and deductive abilities, I think we are still 
missing in PDF form Issues:

#1 thru #14 (January 1985 thru February 1986)
#20 (August 1986)
#38 (February 1988)
#78/79 (July/August 1991)
#80 (September 1991)
#85 (February 1992)

Once again, I want to thank Steve Pitman for undertaking such a tedious and 
time consuming project for the benefit of us all.

Jim N.

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> Looks like I'm done scanning my nearly 70 NIAD issues to PDF.  I am 
> missing the following....
> 1-13
> 17
> 45
> 60
> 70
> 89
> Does anyone have these that could either scan, loan or sell them to me so 
> that the entire NIAD library would be available to all?
> Thanks,
> Steve Pitman
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