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THANK YOU so much Guy. I, and I'm sure others, really appreciate your help 
in filling in the missing issues and putting
the finishing touches on the tremendous job Steve Pitman did. I must admit 
that it's been kind of humbling being on the
other side of the fence... by this I mean back in the day NIAD was the one 
providing the answers, help, products and
services for the masses and now you and a couple others are really coming 
through to fill in the missing pieces and I can't
thank you enough.

Hopefully, will all this new information, etc. becoming available about the 
ADAM, we'll garner more interest amongst
the emulation scene followers, and who knows, maybe some further development 
like we are seeing with the
ColecoVision homebrew scene (which of course benefits the ADAM as we all 

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> Hi Everyone,
> Niad issues 10-14 are now up at mediafire.com. So, I believe we have the 
> entire Niad newsletters set up on Mediafire. Hope you all enjoy re-reading 
> these issues again. Thanks to Steve Pittman for his help in making this 
> all possible.
> Now, I have to check what Niad PD volumes I have.
> Guy Bona
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