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The Basic BNDV #'s I am missing are #13 (your bowling league program), #14, 
#23 and #25.

I have the Basic Utilities UNDV volumes and ADAMCalc ANDV #1 and #2, but 
beyond that I am missing the Pinball
Games PNDV volumes, RLE Pics 6 volumes, CP/M CNDV (a huge collection... 
think 63 volumes), VideoTunes Songs 4 volumes, SmartLOGO  LNDV 5 volumes, 
SmartFILER Databases 4 volumes, Jane's Recipes 4 volumes, Coleco Graphics 
Processor Pix 4 volumes, Signs  for SignShop 2 volumes, Art Gallery 2 
volumes, N&B PaintMates  20 volumes,
N&B PaintFORMS  4 volumes, some of N&B Pix  (there were 32 volumes total) 
and MIDI Songs  16 volumes

Also, NIAD Gold: Science & Education and Home & Business.

Bob Slopsema mentioned that he might be able to help with a lot of these 
when I talked with him a week or so ago, but
it's nice to know that you are willing to help as well.

If you download the collection you will also see what is missing. BTW, I 
have completely revamped all the BNDV volumes
and made them auto-loading with boot-screen, a nice menu program and binary 
converted. These are available in Update #05.

I had some time to work on this as I suffered an abdominal injury at work 
and have been home the last 4 weeks.


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> Hi Everyone,
> Niad issues 10-14 are now up at mediafire.com. So, I believe we have the 
> entire Niad newsletters set up on Mediafire. Hope you all enjoy re-reading 
> these issues again. Thanks to Steve Pittman for his help in making this 
> all possible.
> Now, I have to check what Niad PD volumes I have.
> Guy Bona
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