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Rich Drushel drushel at apk.net
Mon May 3 15:16:43 CEST 2010

On Mon, May 3, 2010 12:17 am, Jim Notini wrote:

> On your webpage under TWWMCA 9610.28, you mentioned an email interview with
> the man responsible for the ADAM Computer. Was this interview ever completed
> and made available?

     Hi Jim, it wasn't "the man responsible for the ADAM computer", but it
*WAS* the president of Lazer Microsystems, Randy Hyde.  Lazer Microsystems
was responsible for SmartBasic 1.0 and 2.0, the ADAM port of CP/M 2.2, and
ADAMcalc.  Can't remember if SmartWriter or not.

     Sadly, the most interesting parts of the E-mail exchange were lost in
a disk crash on the slug lab Unix machine I was using for E-mail at the time,
cwbiol2.cwru.edu.  I may have a piece of some later correspondence in my
other archives from that time period (on SCSI optical disk).  I should have
put out what I had anyways in TWWMCA, but didn't for some reason.

     AFAIK Randy is still an active embedded systems developer; at least the
last time I looked him up online (maybe a decade ago?), I found a CV which
mentioned his work with the ADAM, and a boatload of other microcontroller

     At about that time (1996), one of the Lazer Microsystems programmers
(Joel Lagerquist, the "JKL" of JKL utilities, and also the ADAMcalc "surfnazi"
Easter Egg screen) contacted me.  I *THINK* it was because I had corresponded
with Randy, but not sure at this remove without looking through the E-mails,
should they survive.  Joel ended up sending me a bunch of ADAM stuff,
including a copy of the ADAMcalc manual autographed by him and IIRC two of
the other programmers, including their Easter Egg screen logos, a mostly-
unbroken sheet of cartridge ROM circuit boards (perfed so you broke them
off for use, like graham crackers), and a cartridge ROM version of CP/M 2.2
(it boots and becomes a virtual disk IIRC).  Somewhere in TWWMCA I think I
might have mentioned this, at least the IDs of the programmer initials and
rationales for the logos in ADAMcalc.

     All this stuff is safely stored in my apartment.  It would be a nice
pre-ADAMcon task to assemble some of it, but I have to get through finals
week here at CWRU first!

     *Dr. D.*

P.S.  I am in negotiations to acquire some ADAM development materials,
very likely free + shipping, but they have to clear copyright from Hasbro
(Coleco's current IP heir) before the custodian will let me have them.  I
haven't said anything before because I didn't want to get people's hopes
up.  I also don't want the custodian to get hammered from all directions.

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