[Coladam] Can anyone help this gentleman?

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The following exchange is from FreecycleTO:

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Chris Fournier
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Hi blueboxer,

Firstly, I would like to thank you for your response as I can't remember 
if I had already done so.  Second, through Google I found what seemed to 
be  a sure link.  It was the Canadian Computer cience Museum at York 
University.  I thought you might be interested in their response.  It 
was as follows:

Dear Mr. Fournier,

Thanks for your e-mail and your kind offer to donate your Minolta 
computer to our museum. I have discussed this with my colleagues and we 
came to the conclusion that although it is an interesting example of a 
business system from the period we've decided that it does not fit with 
our requirements under the museum's collection development strategy (we 
are targeting the Canadian computer industry). Thanks for bringing this 
system to our attention.

Best regards

Zbigniew Stachniak

As you can see it was a close match.  What I wanted to know is if you 
knew of any equivalent resources who might be interested.  Right now I 
have the Brantford computer museum to follow up with - next week.  Any 
suggestions off the top of your head?  Do you know of any other 
university programs who could benefit from this system?  Thanks again 
for your advice and again, I apologize for the delayed response. Cheers.


Date: Sun, 25 Apr 2010 15:06:01 -0400
Subject: Re: [FreecycleTO] OFFER: Prehistoric computer system
From: blueboxer2 at gmail.com
To: chrisdjc4fournier at hotmail.com

As a (no kidding!) dealer in Adam computers (ca.1983) I know there is a 
demand for and interest in early computers. If Googling doesn't turn up 
yours, try looking on sites with names like "old computer museum", and 
more generic headings. If it plays games, try the AtariAge site. I'll 
forward your post to an Amiga/Commodore buddy too.

Yes, there are folks who want you historic computer. We'll try to 
connect you.

On 25 April 2010 14:26, Chris Fournier <chrisdjc4fournier at hotmail.com> 

     One complete Minolta computer operating system from early
     90s. This was my first computer from college. Includes original 
Minolta boxes and printed
     material. I can't even Google an image of these pieces anymore. 
Could maybe use for
     prehistoric display? Art project? Novelty gift?

     Minolta PCW-3 (control unit) - monochrome
     Minolta PT-2 (daisy wheel printer)

     Minolta KY-2 (keyboard)

     Located in Brampton at Williams Pky and McLaughlin


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