[Coladam] Trying to contact everyone at once about ADAMCon 22, 18-20 of June 2010.

Daniel Bienvenu newcoleco at yahoo.fr
Tue May 11 18:15:58 CEST 2010


As an attempt to reach about everyone that might be interrested to participate to the ADAMCon, or even to just passby and say "hello!", I did a video on Youtube.


But this is not the main object of this message. I need to build up the schedule and to do so I need confirmations from some of you regarding if they want to make a presentation ( talking abot a subject and/or presenting and selling Coleco stuff ). So far, I've not a good idea what is the schedule, except that we have some people from the region of Montreal who want to bring Coleco stuff including homebrew CV game cartridges and Adam test modules... but when? I don't know. So please, take time to re-confirm your intention to be there and present something, by replying to this message, and specify when you can do it. If it's only during the week-end or more specificaly Sunday PM, I would like to know because I'm starting to make the schedule (as suggested by Bob Slopsema)

Thanks for taking time reading, and replying to, this message.

See you in Laval-Montreal,

Daniel B.


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