[Coladam] Adamcon 22

cleechez at tamcotec.com cleechez at tamcotec.com
Wed Jun 16 00:17:02 CEST 2010

or those coming - please note that the hotel is located on the service  
road of the Autoroute des Laurentides. This is no relation to the  
Boul. des Laurentides in the same vicinity. Use the directions from  
the hotel website not Google or Mapquest. Don't ask me how I know.

On first experience, the hotel seems to be nicely adequate for our  
purposes. A couple of Quebec quirks: you may be asked for photo ID  
when you register (we were not) and for a refundable deposit of $150  
(on your credit card) for extra cleaning if they find you have  
violated the non-smoking condition on your room.

Remember your passport (if applicable) and bathing suit - they have an  
indoor pool.

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