[Coladam] just a quick message

Daniel Bienvenu newcoleco at yahoo.fr
Sun Jun 20 07:27:33 CEST 2010

I was tired during the chat session, so did quit the chat session early. After a quick nap, I was fine again... but it was almost midnight so I've decided to take this time considering the request by Luc (sorry Bob, but it's important) concerning a music. Dale and I had a long discussion about today and tomorrow and now we are about to go sleep.

But that's not the quick message I want to tell you in this email.

Just a quick mention that my Flash application that can produce (emulation of) Coleco sounds is not yet available from my blog. I was first too sleepy to do anything and then it was time to go sleep, so I'll try to upload it this sunday, maybe before breakfast if I can. I know that you are all waiting for it to make your own Coleco musics. I'm not sure, but EOS also have sound routines, right? the same as the ones in OS7? Anyway, you can set the memory banks in your Coleco ADAM project to use the OS7 bios to use these musics I did talk about in my presentation.

Ok, that's enough, otherwise it will be no more a quick message.

Good night, see you later!



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