[Coladam] The Vilneffs are home

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Tue Jun 22 03:14:41 CEST 2010

Pleased to announce that we are home safely despite getting rerouted  
around the same accident that slowed up the Drushels and (undoubtedly)  
the Slopsemas and the Wicks.

The accident and some construction just west of Kingston cost us  
almost three hours.  As a result, instead of arriving on the outskirts  
of the GTA at the beginning of rush hour as planned, we didn't get  
there until almost 7:00 pm.  With traffic fairly light and no reported  
delays, we decided to push on and come all the way home tonite.  So we  
will get to spend tonite in our own bed, with our own proper internet  
connection.  Woohoo!

Sad to see another ADAMcon come and go so quickly - it seems like  
there's never enough time to see and talk to everyone as much as we  
would like.  Special kudos to Daniel for picking a fabulous hotel and  
making the whole experience a pleasure.  Well done, Daniel!

We miss you all already and can't wait for next year.


Pam and Russell

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