[Coladam] Facebook blog raises the hackles on my neck

David yyzonian at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 30 05:26:06 CEST 2010

My favourite jacket has a flaw in the leather but hey, its supple leather not some "perfect" manufactured fibre.

My Dodge sometimes goes clunk on left turns but it gets me from A to B quite comfortably and reliably.

My ADAM is not now nor ever was perfect. And we that have owned one or do own one know its inherent shortcomings and have read and heard all the bashing since 1983.

But along comes "Gaming After 40" who claims to have "been around" since "almost" the beginning video gaming evolution. In his blog entry dated May 2010, he talks about how the ADAM failed due to its shoddy wafer drives and stringy tapes. Huh? Read on, the "included productivity software" titles were seriously buggy. 

I got CHEATED, I never got any included productivity software titles with my brand new ADAM!! (save Smartwriter, which had its drawbacks but for a 1983 inexpensive word processor, could hardly be called seriously buggy.) 

Then our friend goes on to "guess" that all the ADAM owners must have trashed their ADAMs within months of purchase.

I dropped him a line, maybe you'd like to enlighten this self-proclaimed witness as well or at least smile (or frown like I did) at this drivel.

Link is




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