[Coladam] ROM images of R59 and R77 SmartWriter?

Rich Drushel drushel at apk.net
Tue Jul 6 20:40:25 CEST 2010

On Fri, July 2, 2010 10:22 pm, Jim Notini wrote:

> Any chance of making available your R97 set?

     Hi Jim, please see


This contains the ROM images (i.e., binaries) of SmartWriter R57, R80, R81,
R84, and my "R97", as well as the disassembly/resourced versions of R80 and
"R97".  R80 was disassembled with Z80DIS22, and reassembles correctly with
Z80ASM+ (both under 22NICE).  The R80 listing was the basis for adding disk2
and RAMdisk support in "R97".  (You have to have RAMdisk software already --
e.g., the Walters RAMdisk, meaning at least a 128K expander, because
SmartWriter will take over the first 64K of XRAM for added workspace and
clobber anything else that's there.

     If you want to see "R97" access disk2 under ADAMem, boot with the
-wp R97SW.ROM option to some version of SmartBASIC with the SB image
as -diskb, then CALL 64743 from the ] prompt to get to SmartWriter.
STORE/GET will show DISK 2.  Do the same thing with a RAMdisk-installing
boot disk image, then you can see RAMDISK.

     Note that there are virtually *NO* comments in the .ASM source.  I did
put in all the EOS global symbols, as well as a few local EQUates.  Also,
look at the "boot software from ADAMlink modem" code that was either a debug
hook or a broken feature for ADAMlink I (!!!!)  "Proof" that it was all
correctly resolved was a test version that inserted a NOP in the main program
loop (to push everything ahead one byte) and still ran correctly.

     Note also that I did this work in October 1997 and that was a Very
Long Time Ago(tm), so #include <std_disclaimers.h> for failing memory :-)

     It was too hot in Cleveland this past weekend to dig out my R59
and "French SW" systems.  I showed the French and German language cards
at ADAMcon 22, but they can't work on North American ADAMs (3 needed
signals from the usual jumper-wire spaghetti around the ROMs are not
run out to the center slot).  None had socketed ROMs.  Back in the day,
when I was well-practised in the art, I desoldered a French set and put it
into an ADAM, which I think I brought to ADAMcon 007.  I *BELIEVE* that I
made ROM dumps of these once upon a time, but now at best these would be
sitting on a bare MFM hard drive that I kept after the PC-almost-compatible
system it was in died.  If memory serves, all of these have the same version
of EOS ROM (rev. 5, binary-identical to the "EOS6" in the ADAM Technical

     I will make available any additional SW ROM images as I get them.
As stated before, the only one I am not sure about having in my collection
of systems is R77.  I know I saw it in an Exp.Mod.3 setup that Frances Clee
used for a LOGO demo at some past ADAMcon...maybe that's the source of my
thought that I have it in my Module 3.

     *Dr. D.*

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