[Coladam] ROM images of R59 and R77 SmartWriter?

Joe Blenkle jblenkle at sacnews.net
Wed Jul 7 00:27:58 CEST 2010

I tried it from SmartBasic as you described after I wrote that last email 
and it did the same thing. It sees drive 2 and will read exisiting files off 
a disk in drive 2, but if you have disks stuck in both drive 1 and 2 it 
won't write a file to either one.

I'll look at the code too...but beyond anything clearly written in easy to 
understnad English, I won't understand a bit of it.

Joe B.

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> On Tue, July 6, 2010 4:24 pm, Joe Blenkle wrote:
>> Rich...is Drive 2 functional in this version? I haven't actually tried it
>> the way you described (yet) booting from SmartBasic, but seemingly if you
>> replace the WP.ROM file in ADAMem (I actually use the ADAMemMam or 
>> Virtual
>> ADAM front ends) with the R97 one Drive 2 does come up in SmartWriter.
>     Hi Joe, it ought to work.  I admit I never burned it to EPROM and
> put it into an ADAM to try out.  All my testing even back in 1997 was
> with whatever version of ADAMem was out there.  What I described with SB
> was what I just did here under ADAMem 1.0 in the RealPC DOS emulator
> for MacOS 9.x, to refresh my memory.
>> I've successfully retrieved a file from Drive 2 into SmartWriter, but it
>> won't let me save a file to either Drive 1 or 2 with this ROM installed 
>> if
>> there are disks in both drives. If there is only a disk in Drive 1, then 
>> it
>> lets me save.
>     Hmmm.  It's possible that I didn't patch it in completely correctly.
> I have no recollection of testing much beyond what I described above, 
> i.e.,
> disk2 appeared if it was mounted -diskb in ADAMem.  I would have to look 
> over
> the source...or you can :-S  The parts I added for disk2 and RAMdisk are
> commented.
>     I will play with this more later today, I hope (at work now).  If I
> can produce the bug, I can trace it out from the menus.
>     *Dr. D.*
> P.S.  for some reason your post ended up in my spam trap :-S
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