[Coladam] ROM images of R59 and R77 SmartWriter?

Rich Drushel drushel at apk.net
Wed Jul 7 06:54:01 CEST 2010

On Tue, July 6, 2010 6:27 pm, Joe Blenkle wrote:

> I'll look at the code too...but beyond anything clearly written in easy to
> understnad English, I won't understand a bit of it.


     After printing it out (204 pages, double-sided) and poring over it
for 2 hours, I see what I did wrong.  I obviously never tested STORE,
only GET.  I presumed that the routines shared the same drive select
code -- big mistake, STORE is very different.  Hence, none of STORE is
correctly patched for disk2 and RAMdisk.

     It will probably take 50-100 lines of additional code.  Not terribly
hard, but I will have to do a more thorough job of tracing out the code
and debugging it.  Well, I was doing it for fun and never released it,
so I am just 13 years late in finding the bugs.

     In the meantime, ignore the "R97" ROM, unless you just want to play
with it.  At least GET works correctly.

     *Dr. D.*

P.S.  there is some (currently) opaque code which calls the unimplemented
EOS function call _CV_A.  The EOS 6 source code never says what _CV_A is
supposed to do, or even stand for as an acronym or abbreviation.  In the
context I have examined so far, I would hazard a guess about some kind of
ConVert to Ascii function, as it's called where SmartWriter is trying to
figure out if it will let you edit a certain file or not, after opening it
and reading the first 3 bytes from it.  Now I *REALLY* want to read out the
ROM images of the French and German SmartWriters, because each has all the
accented and umlauted characters in their ASCII character generator patterns,
and maybe there is a special header to indicate which language card created
a certain file, in which case opening a French file on English SmartWriter
might have been supposed to get some "translation" of character sets.  Sounds
good to me at 12:51 AM anyways :-)

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