[Coladam] Updating the ADAM CON Org website

Dale Wick dalemwick at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 7 16:37:52 CEST 2010

I am definitely active, but slow at updating my web site.


I have a huge amount of content from this year's, and last year's AdamCon to publish updates on.


I've been gradually switching all of my websites over to WordPress blogging software, and that is the next step for the news area for adamcon.org.   If I get that going over the next week or so, then I can easily give you access, and you can go crazy and I can also post all of my new content.


As for organizing the existing content, and adding missing content or lost content, I'm willing to talk.  My site doesn't support front page extensions, but there are ways to deal with that.


I'd also be open to a controlled access wiki with all of the technical and historical content you'd be willing to categorize.  My old wiki was too open, and was deluged with spambot content.

So step 1 is to pick a good wordpress theme template.  Maybe you could start there and shop around for some for me.


And you are right that I had a fatal systems failure, and lost some mailing list archives.  I'd be happy to republish them later.



> Yes please take my help.
> I don't know any fancy code but I use MS Frontpage to do most of the work.
> I can truly organize things for you, probably take a few days to sort
> through whats up there
> now, but after that it will be a breeze.
> Please Dale Wick let me help. I been wanting to help the ADAM
> community in someway
> for so long. Give a guy a chance :)
> Okay I feel like I tried to reach you, I feel better...
> -Mark

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