[Coladam] Adambomb 2 help documents

Doug & Meeka Slopsema slopsema at hollowdreams.com
Fri Jul 9 02:42:34 CEST 2010

Ok everyone, here it is. 


Several years ago mom and I did a session at a convention on this game
and handed out some notes and a map for use with it. After getting back
into the game again after the recent release from Steve of a map and
everyone getting into playing it at this year's convention I dug out all
the notes we gave back then and re-typed them to reflect Steve's map


I don't think I can send them with this e-mail (the list doesn't accept
attachments as far as I know), so if you would like a copy, please
e-mail me at mslopsema at hotmail.com and I will send them to you from


Thanks and happy playing.




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