[Coladam] CV Ultimate SD Cart on ADAM

Steven Tucker atarimax at gmail.com
Sun Jul 11 07:40:21 CEST 2010

Hi guys,

I was referred to this list to ask about ADAM programming.  Specifically, I
am releasing a SD multi-cart with 512KB of internal SRAM for the
primarily for use as a multi-cart.

However, the device also allows programs running on the CV (and ADAM I hope)
read/write access to the 512KB of RAM, as well as access the SD card
by sending requests through the 50mhz CPU on the cartridge.

So, I guess my questions are, can the CV cartridge ROM space be mapped into
the ADAM space for programs to use the RAM, and if so would it be useful
or would it displace any programs already running on the ADAM to do so?

You can find some more information on the cart at the URLs below.




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