[Coladam] Do you have a chess program for your PC?

Daniel Bienvenu newcoleco at yahoo.fr
Mon Jul 26 04:07:22 CEST 2010

Let me know if you do have a PC chess game so I can submit to you (eventually) a copy of the coleco chess game for testing purpose. Don't forget to specify which program and version. The strongest PC chess program at the moment is Rybka 4. 

Some chess programs to include an "advice", giving an evaluation of the moves you do in order to critic or congratulate you for your gameplay. I'll ask you to play sometimes white, sometimes black with your chess computer program, and I want the list of moves and (if possible) comments your PC chess program gave to you regarding moves done by the coleco chess program... this way I'll be able to track down AI issues and try improve it.

As for the chess project itself, I've taken some notes regarding how I should encode the openings book to save ROM space. I've technically managed to squeeze the information to its minimum without compromising the speed of the game. I'll try to implement the openings book with the data I've collected so far with the help of the web sites mentionned earlier. More I can put in the openings lib, less I'll need the AI to setup the appropriate attack or defense response, giving a better chance of winning (or draw) and should avoid cases like losing in about 10 or so moves like shown in a video regarding a chess game for the NES.

embarassingly fast checkmate

checkmate already?



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