[Coladam] About Coleco (silver) catalog [1982]

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Ah, that thing! I've got one of those -- English only version -- it's in 
fairly good shape, but it has an extra staple in it on the side about 1/8" 
from the edge as it looks like a few of the pages escaped the original 
staples so someone stapled it to hold everything together.

Joe B.

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> My 10 years old web site (lost last year after Geocities stopped free web 
> hosting) had the scans of my bilingual ColecoVision silver catalog. Since 
> then, it's pretty much impossible to find back these scans in the 
> Internet, except maybe one place but it's the english only version.
> So, I've decided to re-upload my scans of this catalog for my new web 
> site. However, I don't know if I should format the scans like what I've 
> done for the new web site or keep it in its original form since the first 
> time I've uploaded them to my Geocities web site long time ago.
> Well, for now, I've uploaded the original version, and thinking of 
> reformating the pages to fit the new web site format eventually (when I've 
> time).
> URL : http://ccjvq.com/newcoleco/catalog
> In the catalog "COLECO 1982", page 11, you can see two games supposed to 
> be for the ColecoVision. The first one is Chess Challenger, which I 
> presume will have been the same as version CC7 or CC10 like mentioned in a 
> previous message. The second one is an educational Smurf game which was 
> abandoned for Papa Smurf's treasure Hunt which was renamed Smurfette's 
> Birthday to be played apparently with the kidvid device... but (I think) 
> it was also abandoned to release Smurf Paint'n'Play Workshop... well all 
> their products number are the same.
> Anyway, just wanted to mention that I've re-uploaded my scans of the 
> Coleco silver catalog.
> Daniel B.
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