[Coladam] Switch Replacement

Craig Lindholm eclindholm at gmail.com
Fri Oct 29 21:07:16 CEST 2010

Thanks Jim.

I have been looking at CK-components for a possible replacement. I will  
keep the list apprised. As far as packing, what type of grease do you use?


On Fri, 29 Oct 2010 03:00:02 -0700, <coladam-request at adamcon.org> wrote:

> Not sure about replacement part numbers, but you could always take apart  
> the
> system cover to gain access to the reset switches for the ADAM and also
> ColecoVision. Once exposed you can try to clean and regrease them and if  
> the
> solder points are in bad shape, you would have to desolder the switches,
> clean everything up and then resolder the switches back in place. I  
> know, a
> bit involved.
> There is a gentleman on the AtariAge Forums that goes by the username  
> Yurkie
> who provides this service for the ColecoVision Game System if all else  
> fails
> and no one on here can help you. Just go to www.AtariAge.com , join the  
> site
> to allow for posting messages on the forums and then browse to the  
> Classic
> Gaming General - ColecoVision / ADAM Forum.
> Jim

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