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Justin Salvato justin76here at hotmail.com
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  I was lucky enough NOT to get a first generation ADAM, you know, the ones 
with all the short-circuiting problems.  The ADAM I received had no problems 
whatsoever.  Since I was a kid when I received it, I will tell you first why 
AS A KID I liked it so much, then as an adult.
  This ADAM was simply complete.  I could type up letters for my dad using 
the typewriter option, as I often did back then, could program simple games 
and animations through SmartBASIC, which I did constantly back then, and 
when I wanted to play, I could throw in a ColecoVision game cartridge.  It 
was a very easy system for a newbie like myself to use.  For example, if I 
wanted to load a program like SmartLOGO or SmartFILER, I would turn the 
computer on, throw in the digital data cassette, then pull the computer 
reset button.  It would do the rest.  However, if I was using the insanely 
popular Commodore 64, I would have to type something like LOAD "*",8,1 and 
let's be honest, how many of us even knew what the heck any of that meant, 
unless you were an adult that liked to read computer manuals ;)  Also, my 
mother credits the ADAM for my improved reading comprehension (reading 
everything I could about programming back then), although, if I had received 
ANY computer, it would have helped.
  Looking at it as an adult, I am blown away at the simplicity of it all. 
Hooking up a modem is as easy as opening the top lid and pressing it into a 
slot, not unlike pressing a game cartridge into it's slot.  The programs for 
the ADAM make use of the function keys at the top of the keyboard, which, 
without having a mouse, makes navigating through a program quite easy.  I 
also found out recently that, hold on, let me get this...  According to the 
Personal Computer Museum,

“H & R Block in Canada actually did consumer taxes using ADAMCALC for a 
number of years and was one of the biggest consumers of after market 
products as they used the system well beyond the normal life cycle of the 
product (the Adam was discontinued in 1985). ”

Link: http://www.pcmuseum.ca/details.asp?id=20

That speaks volumes to me.  I can understand why people trash the ADAM, but 
it is those same people who never even touched one!  They just read about 
the electro-static problems it had and stayed far away from it.  No, I used 
my ADAM for 6 years before I got rid of it.  Missed it so much, had to buy 2 
not that long ago ;)

Justin of North East Pennsylvania

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Question : In your words, elaborate why do you think that Coleco ADAM is a 
good computer despite the bad reputation it seems to have?

It appears that one of the most hated vintage computers (that I'm aware of) 
is unfortunately the Coleco Adam. At the opposite, Commodore 64 is one of 
the most beloved vintage computers.

My personal experience with the Coleco ADAM isn't enough to tell why 
adamites do annual meetings around this home computer... except that at one 
time they were ADAM users, while many people consider this computer to be 
the direct cause of Coleco Industries bankruptcy.

I will probably get a respond like "SmartLOGO is the best LOGO program and a 
good example of why Coleco ADAM is a good computer", but I need more than 
that, something more elaborate.


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