[Coladam] A difficult and simple question for adamites

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Adam was my first computer too. In fact, I still have the expansion 3 which still works and one standalone as well. But, I agree with Ron 100%, had Coleco not control everything. I think the system could survived a little longer than it had.

I wrote a bowling management program with SmartBasic as I was league secretary for my company back in 1984. It did the job, although I think I've should have tweaked it more. I even converted a program written in GWBasic to work with SmartBasic. It worked, with some modifications.

So, even though all of us have PC's today. Adam was our first choice for most of us who wanted a decent computer to do simple things such as programming, game playing or write a letter or two. 


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> Subject: [Coladam] A difficult and simple question for adamites
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> Question : In your words, elaborate
> why do you think that Coleco ADAM is a good computer despite
> the bad reputation it seems to have?
> It appears that one of the most hated vintage computers
> (that I'm aware of) is unfortunately the Coleco Adam. At the
> opposite, Commodore 64 is one of the most beloved vintage
> computers.
> My personal experience with the Coleco ADAM isn't enough to
> tell why adamites do annual meetings around this home
> computer... except that at one time they were ADAM users,
> while many people consider this computer to be the direct
> cause of Coleco Industries bankruptcy.
> I will probably get a respond like "SmartLOGO is the best
> LOGO program and a good example of why Coleco ADAM is a good
> computer", but I need more than that, something more
> elaborate.
> Daniel
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