[Coladam] question about possible missing Coleco games

Jim Notini jnoti2 at comcast.net
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Hey Daniel! Not completely sure what issue of the NIAD Newsletter the 
article on the ANN Disk came from, but more than likely it was an article I 
put together that listed all the known released and unreleased cartridges 
that we knew of at the time and the (c) probably meant cartridge.... it's 
logical! Following issues of the newsletter listed out the same stuff as far 
as ADAM software, so that would explain the (d) for disk.

I will check out that ANN disk to see what issue of the newsletter the 
article came from just to confirm.

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I was trying to find something cool to try and I saw a catalog of softwares 
in the ANN disk May 2000.
I assume that (c) means CARTRIDGE and (d) means DISK... Like in N.I.A.D. 
newsletter, Apple Cider Spider game is mentionned, but no indication if it's 
a cartridge, tape or disk in this electronic catalog. Suddently, I've 
checked games by HESWARE, and I saw this : Gridrunner (c), Rootin'-Tootin' 
(c) which perplexed me because these cartridges doesn't exist... and I'm 
pretty sure N.I.A.D. newsletter didn't even mention them either. Am I right?

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