[Coladam] Data lost in crash

cleechez at tamcotec.com cleechez at tamcotec.com
Sat Dec 11 22:09:25 CET 2010

For reasons I cannot fathom, Mozilla has taken it upon themselves to  
upgrade my copy of Thunderbird without notice and without my consent.  
In doing so they lost my last three years worth of mail, my address  
book, and all the rest.

To rub salt in the wound, the new copy of Thunderbird won't even boot.

I can recover this stuff but it is going to take several days. In the  
meantime I will not know what messages you have sent me or what my  
reply has been - and I can only use the addresses I've memorized.

So please bear with me during the recovery period. Meanwhile be aware  
that I do maintain an account at gmail.com using the handle  
blueboxer2, and as I check it daily I can be reached there.

rich c.

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