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Mon Dec 20 21:19:03 CET 2010

Have you check the system on a different TV/monitor?
I had a problem with the video, but it turned out not to be the ADAM at  


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> Date: Sun, 19 Dec 2010 08:56:58 -0500
> From: Justin Salvato <justin76here at hotmail.com>
> Subject: [Coladam] Problems with the ADAM display
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> Most of the time I start my ADAM, the display is screwy.  I have to  
> reboot it about 8 times before the display is normal.  Sometimes there  
> are artifacts, sometimes the cursor is missing, sometimes the color is  
> distorted.  Games and programs don?t always appear correctly when loaded  
> too.  Is there a fix for this or is it time to give this ADAM, which I  
> only had in my possession for about a year, the boot?  I have a second  
> memory console which does not appear to work at all.
> Justin

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