[Coladam] Using DCOPY, ADAM Connection and ADAM---DOS with 5 1/4" 1.2Mb Disk Drives

bob rslopsema at sbcglobal.net
Sat Jan 8 14:25:34 CET 2011

Jim, as I recall; the same problems surfaced as Joe and Ron had.  I believe 
Doug told me that it involves the interleaves and tracking of a 1.2 meg disk 
vs the 360k drive.  AS Joe said, the best way is a straight DOS computer 
with a 360k drive.  If you look at the ADAM disk drive, it is actually 1/2 
of an ibm compatable drive......180k single side of a 360k double sided 
disk, and not using the 9th track of the 180k disk, leaving us with a 160k 
disk.  If you format single sided 180k disks on an ibm drive, you can simply 
initialize it in the ADAM and it works great.  Possibly a 1.2m TEAC drive 
will work "better", but it will not work every time.  As Ron told us one 
time, it depends on the day, the weather, the position of the sunspots, and 
dumb luck.      [Bob]

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> Since I only used 5 1/4" 360K Disk Drives on my PC back in the day to 
> transfer my ADAM software to PC disk images, I was wondering if anyone can 
> tell me if the the PC 5 1/4" 1.2Mb Disk Drives are capable or writing and 
> reading to ADAM 5 1/4" 160K disks?
> Also, does Windows XP cause any conflicts that I'll need to be aware of.
> Jim
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