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YES, Dr D, it DOES have to spin up before booting the ADAM boot disk.  Mine 
is kind of cranky the way yours is, and I have to power it up 3,4,5 or more 
times before it actually takes off.  I blame it on the steeper motor on the 
outside of the drive; I have wd40'd it and it seems to help, but then again 
it won't work without repowerina few times.  IF i consistently use it, it 
boots up first power up all the time.    BTW, inquiring minds need INPUT on 
AC23 dates.    [Bob]
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> Yes, it does click, and clack a second or 3 then it should spin up, with 
> or
> without anything connected to it. As I recall the trick was timming, to 
> get
> the HD to come up faster than SW. or something to that effect.
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>     Hi all, I dug out some ADAM stuff today and set up a corner of
> the living room so I can have an ADAM setup.  The object was to get
> my Mini Winnie HD system working so that I could get at the ADAMlink V
> installation stuff.
>     Starting slow, I tested some other ADAM system units.  The R80s
> that were used as timer and scoreboard for my old LEGO robotics course
> worked fine.  (They last would have been used in December 2004.)  One
> of these actually has the R80FR French SmartWriter ROMs installed.  This
> one was also the system that I used in my slug video research 15 years
> ago (published in 1997, complete with picture of an ADAM, Journal of
> Experimental Biology 200:735-752). My Dad's original R59 ADAM also booted,
> after a few reseatings of the power connector.
>     Moving to the HD system...this was my grand all-in-one:  20 MB MFM
> HD (mounted internally, side power jack, front-panel activity LED), 256K
> XRAM, MIB2 card with 2 serial ports and parallel port (routed to 2 
> external
> DB9 and 1 DB25 connector), Orphanware serial card mounted internally 
> (routed
> to external DB25 connector, external baseport select switches, and ribbon
> cable routed to the sideport to accept 1 additional sideport device), 2400
> baud pocket modem (mounted internally, attached to MI serial port #1 with
> external phone jack), internal audio amp/speaker (mounted in tape 1 bay
> using dummy DDP frame assembly), and no-slot clock (I bet the 10-year
> battery is dead).  There is probably some TWWMCA article describing it in
> more detail.
>     In any case, I plugged everything in and powered it all up, and
> got nothing on the TV.  I carefully pulled and reseated the cards and
> connectors that I could reach, but nothing :-(
>     The HD does not spin up, but the activity light blinks in a repeated
> pattern, so it's trying to do something.  Since MFM drives have the
> controller on an external board, I am going to presume for now that the
> failure to spin up is due to the ADAM not booting.  I can't remember if,
> in the past, the drive would spin up on its own, with no working ADAM.
> When I took the HD out of the ADAM and had it hooked up just to its power
> supply (no ribbon cables attached), it didn't spin up, but did repeat the
> blinking pattern of the activity light.  I tried my 2 different HD power
> supplies, same result.
>     I do remember that past failure of this all-in-one system to boot just
> as an ADAM (no HD) was likely due to a loose connector or ribbbon cable 
> for
> the internal Orphanware serial board.  As you can imagine, mounting all 
> this
> stuff internally was quite a feat, and it was always a pain to get it all 
> to
> go back together.  Looks like I have no choice but to take it apart and 
> hope
> I can remember how to get it all back in again.
>     If the HD is dead, I will be very, very sad.  The HD is a 3.5"
> MiniScribe dated 14 October 1988.  I think I bought the system from Herman
> and George around 1994.  I did make at one time a complete image of the 
> ten
> 1MB EOS volumes onto 1.44 MB floppy (1 disk per volume), and I am certain
> that I have all those disks, so would just be a matter of moving the
> ADAMlink V development stuff off of them.  There is also a chance that I
> have an ADAMserve version of that HD image, though my 486 system that I
> used with ADAMserve is dead (motherboard failure).  I got everything off
> the HDs of my 486, just a matter of setting up another old PC system.  I
> have a P3-450 Win98 system in storage at work, which probably would work 
> if
> booted in MS-DOS mode.
>     Herman, George, Bob, do any of you remember if an MFM HD is supposed
> to spin up on its own when powered, regardless if the ADAM is powered
> up/booted?  If it's supposed to be spinning now, then it is a very bad
> sign.  However, if all I need to do is get the ADAM working first, and
> then the drive will "know" to spin up, then all will be well.
>     Wish me luck!
>     *Dr. D.*
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