[Coladam] Dr. D. HD update #2

Rich Drushel drushel at apk.net
Sun Jan 9 19:25:21 CET 2011

     I spent about 3 hours today dissasembling and photographing my
all-in-one HD system.  I got everything out of it, down to the circuit
boards, with just the HD controller board plugged in (since the Mini
Winnie design relocates the Z80 CPU from the game board to the HD
board, via a spaghetti cable that plugs into a socket where the Z80
used to be -- expert desoldering work by George Koczwara).  It was tricky,
and a bit of dust inside, but nothing was visibly broken, and no wires came
out broken.

     I powered it up:  black screen, printer wheel spinning endlessly.
Power down, carefully pried up the Z80 socket to reseat the spaghetti
cable.  Still black screen and spinning printer wheel.  I removed the
game board screws and reseated the interconnect cable at the rear a
few times.  Even though the contacts are gold, they looked kind of
corroded.  Power up, this time it booted to SmartWriter!  Game reset
booted to ColecoVision.  Printer works, SmartWriter works.  So, the base
ADAM system unit is still good.

     One by one, I plugged back in the expansion cards:  MIB2, worked
fine; 256K XRAM, worked fine; Orphanware serial board, worked fine.
When I tried to power up my audio amplifier unit, however, the system went
black as soon as I turned on the on/off/volume control.  Same thing when
I tried to power up the 2400 baud pocket modem.  I read +12V from the
power leads/ground, but obviously something is not happy.  I will have to
get it figured out before I close the system back up.

     So, the next step is to attach the HD with its external power supply
and try to boot it from external disk.  That will require some archaeology
through my boxes of disks and tapes, so I will save that for another day.
If the HD works (and now I am pretty sure it will), I will probably make
Joe his ADAMlink V DDP just to get it out of the way, since reassembling
everything is dicey and it might not work the first time it is put back
together :-S

     I can put up the disassembly photos on a webpage if there is interest.


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