[Coladam] Dr. D. HD system update #3

Rich Drushel drushel at apk.net
Mon Jan 10 15:40:31 CET 2011

     I was too curious to wait, so alte yesterday afternoon, I dug out
my ADAM floppy disk collection and located some EOS boot disks, as well
as the HARDDISK version 3.9 intall set.  Powered everything up, ADAM is happy
with the HD connected, but the HD will not boot.  It hits the drive and
hangs; power it off, normal bail to SmartWriter.

     I tried the 3.9 install disks, HARDDISK boots from floppy but hangs
trying to read the EOS volume directories.  If I power down the HD, HARDDISK
then finishes loading.  It definitely hits volume 0 of the EOS partition
and reads the directory correctly; and if I subsequently run SmartBASIC 1.x
from floppy via BOOT SOFTWARE, I can CATALOG D2 and see everything in volume
0, even LOAD some BASIC programs that are there.  But SHIFT-UNDO (soft reboot
back to HARDDISK) hangs after hitting the volume 0 boot block.  SHIFT-WILD
CARD (which toggles ahead to the next EOS volume) works logically, but then
an attempt to physically access volume 1 or greater hangs.

     I powered everything down and reseated all the socket chips on the
Mini Winnie controller board, including the Z80, and reseated all the
cables and connectors.  Same results as above :-(

     So, the HD is refusing to seek for some reason.  I can do some more
detailed testing from the SB1.x environment, at least determine the max
HD sector it is able to reach etc. with the BLREAD command.  Maybe just
letting the thing run overnight without doing anything will "unstick" it
(like happened when at first it wouldn't even spin up).  The HD is not making
any abnormal noises, at least to my 10-year-old memory of what it used to do.

     I have not located any TDOS boot disks, but I didn't look past finding
the EOS boot disks.  Herman and George preferred testing HDs from the TDOS
side anyways.  Since the TDOS partition was the second 10 MB of a 20 MB HD,
the HD has to seek halfway in in order to boot TDOS; if that works, it would
be encouraging.

     Today is the first day of spring classes at CWRU, my first class is
this morning, so things may get busy soon.  I hope to keep plugging away
at this.  Any debugging suggestions are welcome.

     *Dr. D.*

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