[Coladam] Dr. D. HD system update #3

Herman L Mason Jr hlm001 at hlm-gmk.com
Mon Jan 10 16:29:40 CET 2011

Rich, that was a kinda common prob with my bbs "squeezzing" the files and HD 
after each call, so I had backups of vol 0  block 0. If not mistaken if you 
used FM as I did, your first disk of backup SHOULD BE a true representation 
of your HD and loading SB1x should allow you to block copy 0 of disk to 0 of 
HD and all will be fine. By getting the catalog means it is not totally 
dead, but ofcourse you already know that. We USED to know the sector of 
block 0 by heart, and could manually edit, or fix it, course that was years 

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>     I was too curious to wait, so alte yesterday afternoon, I dug out
> my ADAM floppy disk collection and located some EOS boot disks, as well
> as the HARDDISK version 3.9 intall set.  Powered everything up, ADAM is 
> happy
> with the HD connected, but the HD will not boot.  It hits the drive and
> hangs; power it off, normal bail to SmartWriter.
>     I tried the 3.9 install disks, HARDDISK boots from floppy but hangs
> trying to read the EOS volume directories.  If I power down the HD, 
> then finishes loading.  It definitely hits volume 0 of the EOS partition
> and reads the directory correctly; and if I subsequently run SmartBASIC 
> 1.x
> from floppy via BOOT SOFTWARE, I can CATALOG D2 and see everything in 
> volume
> 0, even LOAD some BASIC programs that are there.  But SHIFT-UNDO (soft 
> reboot
> back to HARDDISK) hangs after hitting the volume 0 boot block.  SHIFT-WILD
> CARD (which toggles ahead to the next EOS volume) works logically, but 
> then
> an attempt to physically access volume 1 or greater hangs.
>     I powered everything down and reseated all the socket chips on the
> Mini Winnie controller board, including the Z80, and reseated all the
> cables and connectors.  Same results as above :-(
>     So, the HD is refusing to seek for some reason.  I can do some more
> detailed testing from the SB1.x environment, at least determine the max
> HD sector it is able to reach etc. with the BLREAD command.  Maybe just
> letting the thing run overnight without doing anything will "unstick" it
> (like happened when at first it wouldn't even spin up).  The HD is not 
> making
> any abnormal noises, at least to my 10-year-old memory of what it used to 
> do.
>     I have not located any TDOS boot disks, but I didn't look past finding
> the EOS boot disks.  Herman and George preferred testing HDs from the TDOS
> side anyways.  Since the TDOS partition was the second 10 MB of a 20 MB 
> HD,
> the HD has to seek halfway in in order to boot TDOS; if that works, it 
> would
> be encouraging.
>     Today is the first day of spring classes at CWRU, my first class is
> this morning, so things may get busy soon.  I hope to keep plugging away
> at this.  Any debugging suggestions are welcome.
>     *Dr. D.*
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