[Coladam] ADAMEm/SDL 1.8

geoffrey oltmans oltmansg at bellsouth.net
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I'd be interested to know if that works or not. It would be nice to have a front 
end for it. I have been working on that for the Mac OS X version but haven't 
done anything on the Windows or Linux side of things.

As far as the basic functionality of the emulator, I'd like to see if people 
come up with a set of bugs for it. I am aware that the sound emulation isn't 
100%, but it's pretty good for the most part. SDL does have some differences in 
functionality I've found between different platforms too. For example, it 
appears that full screen mode acts differently between Linux, Windows, and OS X. 
In the OS X implementation, it only seems to recognize that one joystick is 
present when I connect more than one joystick. I haven't tested that in Windows. 
At least one USB joystick should work with the emulator.

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Sounds like we need an easy to use front end for it..like ADAMem has with 
ADAMemMam...for us dummies out here...

Joe B.

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Well, there are a few differences between this one and the DOS version. Firstly, 
the program runs natively under Windows and Mac OS X instead of being run 
through a dos VM like Dosbox or (if it works for you) the DOS prompt (which 
Windows 95/XP is a VM itself).

It should support all the command line switches that the DOS program supports if 
you run it from the command line, including loading cartridge images and 
disk/ddp images, and then a few extra new ones:

-harddisk <filename> or -hd <filename> will specify the file to use for hard 
disk emulation.
-exprom or -er <filename> specifies the filename of the slot 2 boot rom. I have 
successfully used the PM IDE boot rom with this to boot to the hard disk 
-scale2x or -2x will start the emulator with scale2x turned on. This is a 
scaling algorithm to smooth out the video at higher resolutions

If no filename is specified for the hard disk file or expansion rom it will look 
for hdisk.img and exp.rom respectively from the same directly the program is 
launched in.

For the hard disk image, you need to create a hard disk file from scratch. I 
don't include a utility for this yet. From a linux or OSX machine you can create 
one using dd. dd if=/dev/zero of=hdisk.img -count 131072 will create a disk 
image that's 64MB large. You then have to use the PM IDE setup utilities to 
partition the file as you would a normal hard drive and load software to it.

Apparently I neglected to include these in the -help output, but they do work 
from the CLI.

On Jan 12, 2011, at 12:24 AM, Joe Blenkle wrote:

> Looks good so far, but perhaps a dumb question...
> What exactly does it do? Just boot to SmartWriter?
> thanks
> Joe B.
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>> Hey all:
>> Due to all the crappy weather we've had around here (7" of snow two days ago 
>>and 3" over Christmas!) and some downtime between now and Christmas, I've had 
>>the chance to do some fixing to ADAMEm/SDL! Doug Slopsema fixed the project so 
>>that it will compile using Visual C++ instead of gnu gcc under MinGW, and a few 
>>improvements have been made in the interim:
>> Powermate IDE emulation has been added
>> center slot boot roms supported
>> scale2x support
>> rudimentary support for MIDIMite apps (just enough to get stuff like SEQuel to 
>>start up)
>> OS X menus and GUI
>> sound support
>> Visit my web page to download... let me know what you think. The downloads 
>>include the Win32 binary (thanks Doug S) and OS X universal binaries, as well as 
>>the source code.
>> http://bellsouthpwp2.net/o/l/oltmansg/adam/adamem.html
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